Loffler's Guide to Office Copier & Printer Options

Complete this workbook to assess your device needs

We want everyone with an office copier or printer to have the right machine for their workplace.

You may think you simply need a machine that makes copies quickly. But we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t ask first for the context of your print environment in order to assess your needs. Hidden cost savings can be found in offices that have forgotten, underused or underperforming devices.

Whether you choose the right machine depends on the unique printing needs of your organization. How much do you print? How often? How many people are in your office? Do you have print quality or scanning needs beyond that of a standard office? Do you need to scan to the cloud? Is printer security a concern? Does your printer or copier need to integrate with other office systems you have?

The number of questions you should consider before buying an office printer or copy machine can be overwhelming. That’s why we assembled this workbook, to put all those questions in one place.

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