Office Copiers & Printers

Nationally Recognized, Local Service and Support

We fix it right the first time.

Your time is valuable and we don't want to waste it. If your copier or printer is down, that means you can't be at your best, and we want to help! Loffler has one of highest-rated service departments in the country. Our  technicians and trainers are certified experts on the products and services we offer so you can be confident your business or organization is always productive.

Our copier and printer repair service offers:

  • Three-hour copier repair service response
  • Request for printer service confirmed via phone within one hour
  • Automated meter reading options
  • 24-hour online customer portal
  • Innovative recycling programs
  • No undisclosed fuel or delivery costs.
  • Local printer service dispatching & live customer service agents
  • Remote diagnostics and problem resolution through our Imaging Help Desk
  • More than $3 million in device parts stored locally so copier and printer repairs are often completed on our first visit

Network Support Services

  • Installation and testing of purchased system upgrades & software
  • Telephone support for printing/scanning issues
  • Scanner folder setup & address support
  • Changes to/Upgrades of IP address and gateway
  • Installation of firmware updates for connected products
“Our service tech was excellent. He explained what part he replaced and he even brought a new drawer with him that needed replacing due to a crack in it. We love Loffler and all their technicians. In most cases they are just like 

Jimmy Johns – Freaky Fast! We love that! ” 

Cheryl Lundell
University of Minnesota Physicians